About the CoWaBoo project
The partnership

CoWaBoo is a collaborative project between the

University of Applied Sciences in Geneva,

and the

Ynternet.org Foundation

as a result of their strategic partnership, on eCulture research and training activities in Switzerland

Our concept

CoWaBoo comes with** two areas** of development: its protocol and the observatories application built upon.

Both areas could be interesting for CoWaBoo users. Thus we invite you to:

  • Study the protocol (objectives and documentation) and imagine new applications. The protocol is using the blockchain properties in two ways: conceptually, all info posted through the protocol is stored using a p2p storage protocol IPFS, and practically with the use of Stellar for account creation and transactions between users.

  • Contribute to a system of interconnected research hubs, an application that we call observatories. This space enables groups to collaborate on their activities while contributing to the creation of a descentralised and distributed knowledge repository. Read, also, our user guide

CoWaBoo does not track you, tailor your search results or decide what you should be doing next: it aims to offers you a view on how, all of these could, be edited, rethought and reworked, today.

You can always read more on our FAQ